Tuesday, February 16, 2010


After I and about 20-24 other people gathered in Dcoyotes booth for 4 days and nights watching and waiting for RUMOR to foal(give birth)...she finally did it at 2:56 am Est on Tuesday February 16, 2010.. It all started when Dcoyote posted a link in the BONANZLE forums that this horse was about to foal...well we were all going about our own business and once we stopped and went to the link everything else took a back burner...literally..some had to go to work ,,didn"t want to leave the cam..some had appointments and Valentines day was Sunday husbands wanted to take wives to dinner ..no one wanted to really leave..they did cause they had too only! We met and chatted,,we had contests,,we got to know each other..I hated to ever shut down or leave...Now that its over we plan on meeting in others booths for the births of others..I saw triplet goats and a filly born to a mini horse named SILHOUETE ..SILLY for short (no pun intended).. But not only did we get a beautiful healthy filly out of all this..we made new friends and we were like a family for a few days...It was surreal and I can't wait to do it again..there are others ready to be born within the next few weeks and we plan on meeting in each others booths..I can't wait..got to clean my booth and get some refreshments in mind for my guests...We had a contest for the time of birth once we realized that this would be the day...SILKWORM won and she gets a great package with items donated from about 10 different booths...ALL IN ALL IT WAS A SURREAL EXPERIENCE AND CONGRATULATIONS RUMOR...

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