Thursday, February 11, 2010


Anyone that attended this show tonight left with more helpful tips and knowledge than when they came in...Phaedra (attheboutique) and Judy (bluepennylady) were flowing with answers to questions and made them understandable to the ordinary Joe...I actually got what they were saying..From what I heard they touched on a few things that I remember..
One was business suicide..where you have too many sales or lower the prices of your items too often..Learned that WE have to train he customers to know that your prices are where they are because they are worth that and to lower them too often lessens their worth...makes sense to me..My things are always on sale...Have some things to do ...Another subject was your SELLER ID...thats what you will be known as..that will be what people will type in to find you on certain forums or venues...So this is where I called and wanted to elaborate a bit more on that..because thats something I never really took real serious....never looked at it like I wanted to see if we couldn't make sure that those coming in to sign up on BONANZLE as a seller to really think of what they want their SELLER ID name to not use punctuaions and/or symbols in your name because GOOGLE doesn't pick those things up readily..and GOOGLE is a major or the major search engine for selling venues...Learned that Ebay does not allow you to be your SELLER ID on GOOGLE..but BONANZLE does...thats a big plus...I will write to the boys to see what the protocol is on the application when sellers sign up..and if the importance of SELLER ID is expressed in a way that people know the seriousness of it...
They had a contest...we had to go to a website and find the 33rd word...whoever got it right first wond 3 month memebership to the website...I didnt win...I forget who won..I will find out.. They spoke a bit about the meeting coming up in Las Vegas...sure wish I could make that one...I will add to this blog...
If you ever get the chance to attend one of these it...its simple ..just turn up your dont have to can write your questions or thoughts in the chat box..they can read what you're writing..they write too..its awesome great experience..THANKS PHAEDRA AND JUDY..for taking the time to help us and teach us what you know and care what we think and answer our questions..

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