Thursday, February 11, 2010


I've discovered Bonanzle quite by accident ...or was it fate??? I was in the Harley neighborhood on Ebay and there was someone on there that was having a hard time ...getting ready to lose her home and money was funny and all kinds of things were going on in her life. She let you know that she was in trouble and still trying to sell her stuff on Ebay...I wrote to her with words of encouragement and tried to make her know there would be light at the end of the tunnel...even though I wasn' really sure!! She would write back and thank me for the kind words...One day I decided to check out her "store"..lots of nice things...but I wanted the "lot of 100 pair of earrings"... so I wrote to her and told her that I would be purchasing them on the 3rd of the month ..she told me okay and told me that they were also listed in her "booth" on Bonanzle...well of course I had to sound it out ,,then I remember saying "What the heck is a Bonanzle?"It took me a few days before I checked out Bonanzle..but when I did I liked what I saw...I looked it over and left...I remember about 2 days later I went and signed on...I signed because the front page said all I had to do was use my email..a code and whatever else...4 I knew it had to be easy and I could do this...that was november 5, 2008 and I love the place more than ever...I have done okay...sold 102 things since november ...on ebay I sold about 8 in the same time frame...and the cost comparison...well there is no comparison....I still have a few things on the bay but am weening myself away....
I do a lot of promoting on Bonanzle and play most of the games,,and wish sales were more...but I know the economy sucks right now...but I have things that people need and at darn good prices...I think anyway!!!!! I just have to get the google base right and make sure my attributes and traits and bullets are in place...Now that I have talked another languge I will leave you...Hope to see you all on BONANZLE

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