Thursday, June 10, 2010

How I missed my BONANZLE

So my computer was down from the day before Easter 4/3/10 until June 7...over 2 months...I spend between 3-7 hours a day on the computer..running two businesses and returning emails etc...and the one thing I missed the most was being able to talk to my friends on BONANZLE..Whenever something real life or on the news ..whatever..I immediately wanted to go to the forums and tell the folks or get their opinions..I am known for being in the forums...I promote my wares, play the games and list on another venue or two...but the majority of my doings is on BONANZLE...I did get lots of emails and bmails and even a card ot two in the mail saying I was missed and hope everything is fine...My daughter Jeanell would communicate with some of the folks and try to keep things straight on Bonanzle...Great job did it..kept it all in line....Now I'm back and I really want to thank Paula (Annapple Bonanza) and Janelle (Nellieskellie) for their help in keeping my games going...things would be all jacked up right now if they had not taken over ...I so appreciate them and I'm sure others do the games help to promote their wares and helps us to promote others items also..

Now that I'm back on the computer I have lots to catch up on..funny how I did forget how to do a few things...but it all comes back to you eventually..I actually forgot my username and password on some had to check my how to post a picture in the it now though...Love being back and hope that never happens again...I need my Puter...I NEED MY BONANZLE....