Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Update from last post...

this is an update on the incident between our newest social media rep and
russ and Mary...Jeremy has written an apology.. I felt it was sincere and heartfelt...I think it shocked him that he was totally busted for this mistake...he thought he was talking to a buddy of his..turns out he was talking to a fellow bonanza seller...lots of us were outraged..I being one of the most outspoken and couldnt at the time even imagining forgiving him for this matter what he said...but after reading other peoples post and how we all were young once and made mistakes we wish we could do over or take back it really got me to thinking that was quite true...I made mistakes...I accepted his apology and hope that he learns from this mistake...a lesson should be learned from every mistake we make...dont ever, do it again..listen to the old heads ..I have gotten on with my life...A side effect of this is that several of my friends have left Bonanza ..I understand it...I almost left myself...but for now I have no other recourse...I have many friends On bonanza that I interact with each day..I do sell occassionally and its free to have my listings there..One day I hope to have a "specialty" item to sell and perhaps have my own website....

Monday, January 10, 2011

Is the end of my days at Bonanza...??

How would you feel about this? While doing my usual thing on FB I see the person hired to do the social media duties on Bonanza has also posted on a thread I am on. I think cool! A Bonanza employee! I will request friendship. This is the message I am sent by the social media rep:

Jeremiah Arthur Mattocks09 January 2011 at 00:05

Subject: friend request?

Dear Russ Kawecki,

Imagine my surprise upon receiving a friend request from you, as you appear to be an animal; it was my understanding that animals other than Homo sapiens sapiens lacked the cognitive faculties social media requires. Either I have been grossly mistaken, or you are an unusually intelligent canine. A canine lives with me—he eats cat shit from the litter box. With your exceptional intelligence, I wonder, do you eat cat shit from the litter box when the opportunity is presented?

I do hope you’re the type of beast who accepts constructive criticism with grace. Please don’t think me rude for saying so, but we humans usually use Facebook for befriending people we know in person. I can’t remember meeting a genius dog, and I think that’s something I would remember. I understand why you might be seeking friendship outside of your peers, given your anomalous IQ, but I thought you might like to know.
Jeremy – a human

This is the very person hired to be our social media rep. Sweet huh?? Would one not think if they were hired for that type of position that they may have people sending friend requests and to have the god given brains to see if perhaps the requester was a part of the site you work on

To say I am beyond offended is putting it mildly. If he said this crap to me who else that are buyers and sellers has he responded to in this manner

***THE ABOVE IS TO RUSS A FRIEND FROM BONANZA...He was tring to friend someone that he noticed was a part of bonanzas team...the letter is the response that was sent to him...I find the appalling and human being should talk to anothe human being in this manner especially when not provoked...this is a young punk that should be immedialtely fired and not thought of again...I along with others are seriiously thinking of leaving Bonanza...a lot of us were there from the first year..I have been there for a little over 2 years now..and I have to say there are times when they had me mad before but not like this....this is way over the top...I have voiced my opinion on this matter a few times on other blogs and on facebook...I'm trying to keep it clean but there are words that would really be appropriate right about now...As far as I can tell there has been nothing done about this on Bonanza part and I think thats the most frustrating part...he should have been fires within the first hour...they know whats happening..they have been emailed..bemailed and facebooked with they think it was a joke?? I hope not because I dont want to deal with people with that type of sense of humor...I will add to this when I have more to say....

something to think about ::
Four things that cannot be recovered..
the stone after it is thrown
the word after it is said
the occassion after it is missed and
...the time after it is gone...