Wednesday, September 29, 2010


OH YEAH ITS THAT TIME OF YEAR...This is so exciting...another chance to get some sales and make new friends during the 190 something booth sale...COME ONE COME ALL TO THE RENAISSANCE FAIR ..You will not regret it ...I am putting a link to the thread on BONANZA that will lead you to each booth...They are categorized by what the mainly, vintage, antique merchandise, general it will make it easier for you to narrow down what you might be looking for...If you're not sure what you're looking for then just click on all of them and go window shopping...Maybe you dont know what you need or want until you see it...EACH BOOTH WILL HAVE THIER OWN SALE ..THIER OWN PERCENTAGE OFF...ALL COUPON CODE WORDS WILL BE RENFARE...EACH BOOTH WILL BE SET UP SO YOU WON'T HAVE TO REMEMBER THE WORD,,JUST CLICK ON THE AREA WHERE IT SAYS COUPON AVAILABLE AND IT WILL AUTOMATICALLY DEDUCT YOUR PERCENTAGE..

Come on and support us in our effort to get the name BONANZA out there, while giving you savings at the same time...You have to do Christmas shopping so why not try to save the most you can...BONANZA has a lot of everything...almost anything you could possibly want or need...You can almost grocery shop and get your health and beauty needs on BONANZA...You can clothe the whole family from head to toe, you can get everyone some BLING, all at reasonable prices...there are even a few vehicles and homes for sale on BONANZA...Like our motto says EVERYTHING BUT THE ORDINARY...

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Boy I was boiling mad last week at Bonanzle..I woke up early one morning and went to FACEBOOK and I saw a posting about Bonanzale changing their name to BONANZA...I asked if this was something they were thinking of doing and someone said "No granny ...its done."..well my heart stopped for a minute and my blood pressure automatically went up..out of my control..I didn't mean to react that way .it was purlely involuntary..and I just started ranting for about a day and a half..I ranted on facebook and I ranted on Bonanza..I wasn't the only one that felt betrayed...that didnt like it...Personally I still don't like it..I don't like that we weren't informed ahead of time...for many reasons being just because...I cried for hours..real tears ..real sobbing..lots of tissue...Mark even commented on one of my rants and said they did it this way because they thought it best..well I can't argue with what they thought but I can just ask..really?? like did 2 of you get together and come up with this..or 6 of you or what..I would like to have been a fly on that wall...I'm sure legally they maybe had to do it that way..not really sure..but the name Bonanzle was strange...but we all were getting used to it and it became its own unique name..Bonanza ...been there ,did going back..going to the Ponderosa..or the steak house...why not change it to JUMP STREET or something..After posting in many threads the same thing over and over I started getting over it to a certain degeree..I still don't like the way it went down and I don't like the name...but I love the venue...its full of my buddies..its where I've been for almost two years..and I'm staying as long as they will keep matter what they call themselves or Us I should say...they say they will reroute Bonanzle to Bonanza for awhile our business cards are still good...good because I have a slew of them coming now and going to mail some to a friend on Bonanza for her to hand out at an event...Just another way to get the word out...And this is my last about the name change...I LOVE BONANZA......

Monday, September 13, 2010


Wow!! what an enormous event this is going to be..over 190 booths participating and you can bet prices are being codes are being listed .. listings are going on like crazy right is September 13, and its countdown time..Its been advertised on Bonanzle..on facebook..its been twittered and tweeted and Lord knows what else..I personally emailed friends that I know would love to know spamming going on...I know for a fact that I will be shopping ...Christmas is coming and every year it gets me...not this year...I already have a few items put up that I have been buying thru the Buy One Get One free offers on Bonanzle on Mondays...I look at the Bonanzles that are listed and take a peek and see if theres anything I'm looking for...I usually buy things that I'm not looking for..LOL>..either way this is fun for me...there is nothing to lose ..I will check as many booths out as I possibly can...I can always put something in my SAVE FOR LATER thingy if I dont have the money right now..or if I need to decide whether I want something or not...or I might even have to check with my daughters and daughter in law for sizes..they grow so darn fast .especially over the summer ...I know they usually grow at least one size...So for now I am just going to keep spreading the word and hope that we all sell well and better yet I hope to rack up a few good deals....My Bonanzle is Saturday , Sept. 18 at 12 pm PST which is 3pm est...and ends at 3pm pst which is 6pm I'm wishing for a great turn out....