Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 2 of the 7 days of deals Auction...

Well I thought we all had a great time last night at the 7 days of deals auctions...I bought one item ..I won a door prize and I sold two items...we had some problems for some people with the chat windows...I had a little problem towards the end...but all in all it was well worth..I think Nativebydesignz did an awesome job..and annimae took over for her occassionally..and pugs was there and so many others...angie was there..everyone did their part...I stayed as long as I could ..then sleepiness took was later out here on the East coast...than on the west coast(they are 3 hours behind us) ...but there was so many items to auction off that we will be continuing it tonight ...same times ..I am looking forward to it..I had fun...theres so much more to see..about 10 more booths and they only auctioned 2 items per booth..we submitted 8 items way we can get thru all them ...So if you're reading this...Please come on by and join us..You have to Christmas shop anyway..why not save money at the same time...see you there..

meet me in her booth at 3pm pst..6pm est...see you!!!

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