Thursday, November 4, 2010

Christmas shopping on BONANZA...2010

I don't know about you but I have been swirling around Bonanza looking for good way is to take advatage of some of the games..Like on Mondays we play MANIC MONDAY where its buy onE get one free..everYone makes up a category and puts in that category items they would like to sell as buy one get can really find some great deals this way..I theres the LIMBO game ..that is played every other Wednesday and ends on Saturday evening..The main jIst of the game is for the seller to make a LIMBO category and in it are items they are willing to sell for a lesser amount...potential buyers then can make an offer on an item and wait for the seller to respond...great deals can be found this way also...Right now we are gearing up to have a WOE (Words of encouragement ) 10 day sale event.. Everyone uses the same coupon code (WOE) but decides on their own percentage off ...there are over 50 booths participating and some awesome buys can be found...On the 17th of November there will be auctions from many many booths..It will take place in NATIVEBYDESIGNZ BOOTH..we all submitted 8 items we want auctioned off ..we gave Native our starting bid..this is going to be fun...also a great way to find some great bargains....

Theres also a game called 7 Days of deals ...from Monday to Sunday you visit the booths that are listed in the thread promoting this game...Each booth is set up with their own Coupon codes and percentages off..Not everyone will have a coupon code..Most booths take offers..If you really want something and would like to offer a different price there are was to do that..either bmail the seller to see if they are willing to accept an offer..or do the cart and on most invoices there will be an option for you to make an offer...the seller will get back to you with either an acceptance or a decline...when you make a purchase from one of the list booths you go back to the thread and report it..same thing if you sell it..and the host will keep tabs ...prizes are given for seller of the week...etc...right now they are holding in thread auctions..If you want to auction something you just post a picture of it in the thread with a small description and starting bid and when the auction will end..It is up to you to keep tabs on the developement of the auction...Another great thing in this thread is that each booth can go to other booths and post a picture of an item from someone elses booth...for others to see...I like that..I try to post every day...doesnt always happen...

Theres GAME OF THE WEEK..which runs from Monday thru Friday...(will contiue later)

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