Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I'm a bit late in writing this..I try to do it soon after our talk shoe show so I don't forget anything..but anyway. here goes..It was a great turn out as usual..I did get booted off 3 times ,,even on internet explorer...Aol usually kicks me Phaedra was being interviewed by Jan about how she went from working out of her dining room to having a buildng and how she succeeded...things didn't just come to her..she worked for everything..she started making soaps after tons of research on the ingredients and recipes I guess you could call it..on how to mix this for this condition etc...I wanted to know if she needed any patents or copyrights on her products..she said certain things might need them and to research to see what does and what doesn't need one or the other...we were given links to other sites to show our wares artfire which is for viNtage and hand made items..and others I need to get them links...anyway another successful seminar..can't wait for the next..

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